Download KMSPico activator for Windows 7 (32 bit, 64 bit)

KMSPico is the official activator
of windows 7 and other
versions of Windows.

KMSPico is the official activator of
windows 7 and other versions of Windows

KMSPico for Windows 7

Windows 7 among the most widely used versions of the Windows OS. It is stable and quite easy to navigate. To get access to all the features of Windows 7, it is essential to activate it. If you do not own the product key necessary to do this, KMSPico Windows Activator for Windows 7 can help you.

What are the advantages of using KMSPico Activator for Windows 7?

There are a ton of activators that you can find online when you search. However, not all of these are as efficient as KMSPico is at activating your Microsoft Office program. Here are some features that would make you
choose KMSPico over other activators.

It is free

This activator is coded with the safety of your computer at heart. Therefore, it is both malware and virus free. Your PC will not be infected by any harmful viruses or malware that takes advantage of your personal data
for fraud.

Malware and virus free

If you are worri ed that KMSPico will consume too much space on your PC, then your worry will fizzle out when you learn that the KMSPico software is less than 5MB in size. This compact size saves on space and takes
just a fraction of a minute to download on your PC. Unlike other activators that take ages to download and then fail when they approach the 80% download mark, KMSPico will download fast and save you valuable time
to do other tasks.

Easy to install

The activator is easy to install by clicking run on the downloaded program. Once you click on this option, the activator will run in the background without requiring any manual intervention fr om your end. This ease
of installing makes the activator suitable even for people without any programming knowledge.

The activator resets itself

This activator resets itself after every six months. By doing this, it guarantees that you do not require to install a new activator now and then to ensure that you have an activated Windows program on your PC.

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How to Install and Activate KMSPico Windows 7 Activator

The process of downloading, installing, and activating Win7 using KMSPico is very simple, and the following steps will guide you.

a) Visit KMSPico Website
Search on your browser for KMSPico and click the link that redirects to the official website for this activation tool. Once there, search for the Win7 activator and click on download.

b) Install the activator
Once the software has finished downloading, you will get a prompt to run it once you extract it from the zip file. Enter the password that is attached in the zip file when asked to. Ensure that your anti-virus is disabled to make this possible. Once set, the activator will run in the background and activate your Windows 7 program. 

Checking Activation Status

i) Method One
Click the ‘START Key’ on your PC and move to my PC then click on properties. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see a notification that your Windows 7 is activated. If this does not show, you might need to restart your PC and check once again.

ii) Method Two
Another alternative to the method above is checking the activation status from inside the KMSPico activator itself. Once the activation process is complete, and the KMSPico tab opens up, click on the ‘Tokens’ option that is displayed. In the succeeding window that opens up, click the ‘I’ that is encircled in a blue square portion. Once clicked, you will see the status of your Windows and the version of your operating system.