Download KMSAuto Net Activator for Windows & Office

KMSAuto Net Activator for Windows &
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KMSAuto is the latest version of the popular
activation program that enables you to activate both
Windows OS and Office Suite products.

KMSAuto Net Activator for Windows & Office

KMSAuto is the latest version of the popular activation program that enables you to activate both Windows OS and Office Suite products. The software installs on your PC and doesn’t require the use of any additional keys or telephone text messages.

KMSAuto offers a wide range of benefits and enables an easy and free activation procedure for Windows 10 on your PC. The one-click installation process has made the software popular among users globally. Become one of the happy users and activate your Microsoft products right now. It’s easy, totally free and safe with KMSAuto. KMSAuto is the only viable option enabling the free activation for Microsoft programs. Purchasing license keys or looking for freebies online doesn’t work anymore. Downloading KMSAuto is easy and fast. It takes just one click to launch the procedure.

You won’t need to purchase the genuine MS software, make additional payments throughout the activator use or undergo tiresome procedures. KMSAuto is probably the only windows activator that offers such versatility and ease of use.

Table of Contents
  • What is KMSAuto Server?
  • How does KMSAuto Net Server work?
  • What benefits do you get from using KMSAuto Net Server?
  • Features
  • How to download KMSAuto?
  • System Requirements
  • How to Install and Activate Windows & Office? 

What is KMSAuto Server?

KMSAuto is the activation software that enables you to unblock any Microsoft products, including Windows OS and Office Suite products. The full activation process by the KMS activator is done offline without any need for online connection.

KMS is the abbreviation for “Key Management Services”, used by Microsoft Corporation. After you have performed the activation process, you will get the full software license for Windows OS and Office Suite components.

KMSAuto is based on the solutions developed by Microsoft Corporation which were originally designed for the activation of products within the same company. Thus, the activator doesn’t deploy any new solutions and uses only the software developed and approved by Microsoft itself.

The reason why this activator works is the fact that in Windows 8.1 the developers failed to connect the activation server through the localhost ( As a result, whenever you use this activator, the system views your PC as a member of the KMS server.

How does KMSAuto Net Server function?

The process, employed by KMSAuto, is pretty easy and straightforward. The users who have already obtained the software assurance (a certain type of the guarantee from Microsoft regarding the quality of software) can connect to the KMS server and become a party to the Volume License Agreement (the agreement used to enable organizations to register the software on multiple computers).

The KMS server can be used in order to activate Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Vista Windows. In addition, you can also activate 2 Office Suites: MS Office Suite 2010 and MS Office Suite 2013. Your computer doesn’t have to be the Domain Member for the KMS-enabled activation to be successfully completed.

To avoid any problems, you should exclude the KMS-associated TCP 1688 port from the scope of the Windows firewall protection. You can do this either on the KMS server or on the firewall located in front of the KMS server within your network.

The specific product key you use in order to activate the MS products on the particular KMS server will be used to activate all the child sub-versions for that product key. For instance, let’s imagine that you’ve installed the KMS service on the Server 2012, using a specific product key. Now you can use this product key to unlock all the subversions.

In order to activate the Office Suite components, there are several other steps required to be completed.

After you have installed the KMS server file to your PC, the server will imitate the activities as if different computers within the network are sending activation requests. These numbers will include 25 Windows Client, 5 Windows Server, 5 Office, etc. The KMS will be activated for the deployment on the server only after 5 different servers have been furnished. Each product has its own unique activation status in place. 

The duration term for the license you obtain via KMS is only 180 days. But it’s possible to renew the activation period when you connect to the KMS server every 7 days.

Whenever you install the operating system for the first time, the OS will make attempts for the automatic activation of the KMS server within the first 3 days. Should the system fail to activate automatically, you should follow the provided instructions and perform the manual activation process.

You should no change the date and time set for your PC after you have completed the activation process via the KMS server.

In addition, it’s possible to switch between the advanced and professional modes. To do this, go to the “About the Program” tab. Here, you’ll find the user manual and a number of videos on specific questions.

To register Windows OS 8.1, make sure that you follow the provided instructions concerning the KMSAuto 2016 launcher. The instructions will help you ensure that the activation will not result in the lock-up status for a certain period of time.

What benefits do you get from using KMSAuto Net Server?

KMSAuto Net Server enables you to perform a fast, free-of-charge and safe activation for Microsoft Windows OS and Office Suite starting from Office 2010. This activation tool is completely legal to use, which means that you have no risks concerning any violations of laws and regulations.

KMSAuto works faster than other similar offerings on the market, enabling you to perform the activation with ease and expediency. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will help you learn to navigate the software only after a couple of minutes here. 

You can add your product key if you wish too, which makes KMSAuto truly unique. In addition, there are some advanced tools that will come handy when you need to do something specific.


KMSAuto Net is an amazing solution for all your needs concerning the activation of Windows OS and Office Suite components. What’s great about this software is that you don’t need to have in-depth technical knowledge or skills. All you need to do is to download the installation file on your PC and launch the one-click installation process.

This makes the software highly accessible with the Internet connection. The design is pretty user-friendly, helping you find anything you need within the minimum time when you are navigating around the program.

The software enables to activate all versions of Windows (higher than Windows 7) and MS Office (higher than MS Office 2010).

Importantly, KMSAuto Net is absolutely safe and secure to use since it doesn’t access any of your private data stored at the PC. It’s a highly reliable solution with no known bugs or errors. 

The program enables you to back up the license data before you start the activation process. This feature gets very useful in those cases when you’ve already activated the Windows OS via the phone activation process.

It’s an open-source project and it’s accessible to anybody who wants to benefit from the free and safe Windows system activation capabilities.

KMSAuto Net offers the lifetime activation without any hidden conditions and fees. Importantly, there’s no trial period with users being able to access the full functionality from the get-go.

Importantly, you can’t do the activation procedure when your computer is connected to the Internet or your firewall is activated. So, you need to make sure that you deactivate your firewall and disconnect the PC from the Internet before you commence the procedure. When the activation procedure has been successfully completed, you can turn the firewall back on with no risk of running into any problems.

How to download KMSAuto?

The downloading process is highly straight-forward, but you’ll need to take several steps before you commence. Your anti-virus guard might view the KMSAuto as a threat since it’s a cracking software and it’s usually viewed as a threat by the guards. Thus, before you can commence the downloading process, you should first disable the anti-virus guard on your PC. Another option is to add the KMS Server Service.exe file to the list files, excluded from checks by the anti-virus program.

System Requirements

  • Operating system no earlier than Windows 7 and up to Windows 10
  • Net framework 4 installed on the PC
  • Administrator rights

Today, KMSAuto Net is probably the best Windows activator out there. But if you don’t like it for some reason, you should always try KMSPico which is another great activation tool.

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How to install and use Activator for Windows & Office?

How to install and use Activator for Windows & Office?

After you’ve downloaded the installation file for the KMSAuto Net, you need to install it on your PC and activate those MS products you want to access. The entire procedure won’t take more than two minutes. You don’t need to have any special technical knowledge or skills, while the full process is done with a single click. Follow the steps below in order to install the program on your PC.

  • Unzip the file you’ve downloaded (to do this, you can use WinRAR).
  • You’ll see two options: “Activation” and “Information
  • Click on “Activation” and then select “Windows Activation
  • In a couple of minutes, your Windows activation process will complete. After that, you should restart your computer.


That’s it! You’ve just activated your Windows 10 on your PC. In order to assure that you don’t pick up any viruses and other malware, make sure that you download the KMSAuto Net installation file at the genius website. There, the original and verified files are stored for your use.