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How to use KMSPico

Are you keen on getting the right answer to what is KMSPico? Do you want more details about how works KMSPico and what are the reasons for using this tool? If the answer is yes, please go through this article. We are sharing some useful information that could help you to understand Kmspico features and make the best use of it.

What Is KMSPico?

Let us get started by getting some idea about KMSPico. This is a Key Management System that is used to activate various Microsoft Products like Office and Microsoft Windows. Microsoft makes use of Multiple Action Keys or MAK and KMS (Key Management System) for activating Windows.

MAK keys are useful when it comes to phoning back to the server of Microsoft. In the same way, KMS activates Windows by placing a phone call to KMS server in a local network instead of using the server of Microsoft.

It is preferred by thousands of customers because it is simple a nd easy to use. Further, it is completely free from malware and viruses and therefore it enjoys the trust and confidence of its customers. It also has a number of other advantages that make it so popular amongst thousands of end – users across the country and also in many other parts of the world.

How Does It Work

There are some unique features that make KMSPico quite unique and different whenever there is a need to activate Microsoft products like MS Office and Windows. This software tool has special act ivation features that help to replace the original key. The original key is replaced with keys that are volume licensed.

It also creates a substitute instance of the KMS server and this is done locally. It does not require online activation. Your Windows software applications will not be able to contact the online server. If you are able to understand and master the answer to the question how to instal KMSPico you will be able to bypass the need for using the volume keywords that come with each pack of Microsoft Windows, MS Office or other such applications.

So, the windows applications that you have in your system will not be able to contact the online server. It believes that the replaced keys are the original ones. This perhaps explains the reason why Window and antivirus defender spots this as a virus. This could be a great way to save cost on your MS Office applications and is suited for all those who do not require the premium features available MS Windows and other applications of Microsoft Office

How Do We Use KMSPico

However, if you are keen on getting the best out of KMSPico, you must have the right information and idea that answers the question how to use KMSpico. We will talk about it over the next few lines, but before that it would be a good idea to have a good idea about the advantages of using KMSPico.

Main Reasons Why KMSPico
Could Be A Good Addition

If you are looking for a permanent activator for Window 10, it is quite obvious that KMSPico has quite a few things to offer. Once activated, there is no need for regular updates or looking for new sets of keys to reactivate Windows 10. Additionally, there are a few more reasons why it might make sense to go in for this tool:

  • It is one of the few tools that allow you to activate both MS Office as well as Windows.
  • It is a clean tool that can be used to activate any version of Windows as well as MS Office applications
  • It is user – friendly and easy – to – use.
  • It comes free – of – cost and therefore does not put any burden on the pocket
  • It can be freely downloaded from the internet.
  • It is compatible with Windows Vista Enterprise/N, all versions of Windows 10 and Windows Vista Business/N
  • It supports both 32 – bit and 64 – bit making it quite different from most other tools in the market

Hence, there are reasons to believe that it could make a good addition to your resource tools and you must ensure that it is a part of your system at any given point of time

How Does It Work?

You will not be able to make the best use of KMSPico unless you are able to have a clear understanding as to how it works. Microsoft is perhaps one of the simple applications that could help the users to have a better understanding of KMSPico.

It is well – known to everybody that whether it is homes, small , medium or big – sized offices, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office is considered to be essential and indispensable. However, this creates a problem because many organizations face a problem when there is a need for verifying the version of Windows or other MS applications that they are using.

To overcome this problem, Microsoft takes the help of KMS or Key Management Server. This technology is quite advanced because the users do not require to activate the product key to activate the version of Window s that they have purchased and are planning to use in their systems. They go through KMS server and the activation of various Microsoft products is done by the server.

This is the method that Microsoft has been using for activation of their products and applications that are based on volume licenses. Companies therefore have started using the KMS server rather than buying number of copies of Windows products and other MS Office products for each and every system that they have in their organization.

When a particular person working on any MS product logs to his or her computer in a networked environment, it gets automatically connected to the KMS Server and the KMS server knows that the Windows and MS Office products that you are using is a part of the server.

How Does KMSPico Help?

Now that we have a reasonably good understanding as to how Microsoft keeps a tab of all the MS applications that are used across the world, we need to understand how KMSPico could be helpful.

Whenever a new copy of a ny Microsoft Product or Windows is purchased, you will be given a trial version of the same. A few come with keys while others have to be downloaded as trial versions. Most trial versions are limited only for a period of 30 days. After the expiry of the trial period, the activation key has to be made to work so that the product can be used indefinitely for as long as the customer wants.

Some features of MS Office and Windows cannot be used once the trial period is over. When this happens, you need to have an activator to ensure that you can start using the various MS Products, including the latest version of Windows for a life – time.

How Can This Be Made Possible

KMP Pico is the solution that could help you to use MS Office and other related applications including Windows for free. It helps to run you through the activation process bypassing the set rules of Microsoft for all its products

Though there could be many such products available in the market for activating Windows and MS Office keys, there are some obvious reasons for the growing acceptance and popularity of KMSPico. The problem with other such tools available in the market is that they have malware and Trojans. These could damage your computers, laptops and even tablets and mobile phones.

We are sure that the above would have given the right answer to the question what does KMSPico do. We are sure having this knowledge will certainly help you to make the best use of this tool whether you are an individual or a small or medium – sized organization.

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How To Activate This Tool

There are some specific processes and steps that must be followed so that you are able to get the right and correct answer to the question how to download activator . We also believe that the next few lines will also be able to show you the right answer to how to activate Windows using KMSPico.

  • The first task is to disable Windows Defender Center. Go to Start menu and put search for Security – after you will see.
  • Open Windows Defender Secuirty and go to Virus Protection.
  • So you just need to disable the Real Time of Protection.
  • After you disable protection you will be ready to use this Activator !
  • Once Yes has been activated, you will be taken to a screen which also will come with a red button.
  • Press on the Red button if you have just installed the Operating System from the beginning.
  • You also will be able to check on the activation status.
  • For this, you must click on the Token tab.
  • Once done, you have to click the blue square that will be visible. It will have a clearly visible I (alphabet i) in it
  • This screen will also show the system edition and also will inform about the status of activation
  • Alternately, you can also click on the Start button and right – click
  • You will be taken the properties. This is another way of checking the activation status
  • The process of activation and installation should not take too much time and in the normal situation, it should be completed in around 10 minutes at the most
  • Once the installation has been completed, you must restart the system to enable the KMSPico to take effect
  • There is one more important point to be kept in mind. You have to disable the firewall, antivirus and defender real time scans
  • This has to be done before installing the KMSPico tool. The reason for this has been explained above. The KMS server that checks each and every copy of MS Office, Windows or other MS Office, treats KMSPico tool as spyware. The same is the case with firewall and other anti – virus software. Hence, if the firewall is on or if the virus is running live, the system may not be able to download and install KMSPico tool
  • There are many reliable links apart from the official site of KMSPico that could be chosen for download and activation of keys for accessing MS Office applications and Windows. These are genuine links and are a part of the Official Forum of KMSPico.

Why Activate Windows

The above paragraph and various points would certainly given a decent idea about the steps required for accessing KMSPico tool, downloaded it and having it installed in your system. Let us now find why it makes sense to activate Windows.

  • You will be able to activate Windows using KMSPico tool and use it as long as you want. You will be able to do it for free and will not be required to pay any money for it
  • Once you install KMSPico, in most cases it also immediately activates most versions of Windows including Windows 10
  • The tool that you download and install once will be there with you for lifetime
  • It allows you to use all the paid features of Windows and also many other MS office products
  • Unlike many other such activation tool, there is zero risk of virus or malware when you choose KMSPico over others
  • It will never be caught even by the most advanced virus tool. Further you also can use it in as many machines as you want
  • Instead of your Windows and MS office going through KMS server, KMSPico wil l create its own server. This server will be used for registering your Windows and MS Office applications.
  • It is extremely customer and user – friendly and you do not need any special training to run this tool. Even those who have limited knowledge of progra ms or computers will be able to use it. This is because the entire download, installation and activation process is structured. It is all about following the various steps and the installation and activation should get completed within a few minutes
  • The good thing is that it also can activate Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019 version
  • It is an off – line tool. Once it has been downloaded it can be installed in your computer even if you are not using the internet or even
    if you are not online


We hope that the information provided above, will give you a reasonably good idea about the meaning and scope of KMSPico, what is it used for, how it is used, how does it work and other such useful things. We are also sure that it will help readers and other interested persons to have a clear idea about the step – by – step approach in identifying the right site, downloading and installing KMSPico.